Team USA Travel Team Clinics

Our programs will be targeted at building "the complete team." Our focus is two fold: First, we want to work closely with coaches to develop a specific system that will meet the needs of each team. Second, we want to work with your players to insure an understanding of the system and empower them to excel and reach their potential. We understand that each team has different needs and different goals for their organization. In order to meet those needs we provide a goals sheet/questionnaire to better help layout specifically, what you hope to accomplish and what we may do to service your organization. Our basic PHASE I program includes the following:

Individual Skills

  • Set player's goals and lay out a plan for reaching them.
  • Create a self-analysis to look at current skill levels, recognize strengths and weaknesses and how to improve upon them, and help find each player's role on the team
  • Equipment issues, providing education on choosing the right equipment.
  • Improving each player's individual skills in order to better contribute to the success of the team

Team Skills
  • Defensive System: Break-Out's, Man-Man/Box, Transition to Offense
  • Offensive System: Fast Break System; Odd Man Rushes, 1-1, 2-1, 3-2, etc... Puck Control, Cycling, Using the Defense, Rotation, Positioning
  • Specialty System: Power Play, Penalty Kill, Face-Off's


Our PHASE I Team Clinic Program is a two day program, sixteen hours of total instruction.

  • 6 hours per day on the floor with players
    (Time may be divided between different teams)
  • 2 hours per day off the floor with coaches
    (All of the above can be custom fit to meet specific needs)

Training System - Phase II

  • dryland/cardio training: Improving/developing physical ability, stamina & focus
  • stretching/weight-training/flexibility/plyometrics: Improving strength & physical health
  • mental training/visualization techniques: Learning how to use your mind for better, quicker results
  • nutrition: Increasing energy, improving muscle recovery, memory & focus
  • travel/tournament preparations: packing, eating & playing on the road

Our goal is to help you and your players work SMARTER not harder.

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