Team USA Skills Drills Challenge "

Team USA Roller Hockey Clinics" is launching its National Skills Drills" Challenge in conjunction with the WHA and The Big One Tournaments. Players will have the opportunity to show- case their skills through a variety of drills. Each Regional Skills Drills Challenge" will qualify the top individuals and teams for the National Skills Drills" Finals in June of 2000 at Disney.

There will be individual and team awards at each Regional Competition. Those who qualify for the National Skills Drills Final" will have the opportunity to win Skates, Protective Equipment and have Team USA members come to their home town for games and programs.

Fastest Skater

Speedy Gonzales has nothing on you.
There's no secret here. It's a one lap race against
the clock Pure Speed / Pure Adrenaline / Pure Fun!

Best Goalie

Breakaway's are weak.
How about 2 shooters, 5 shots each. Fewest in, wins.
The ironman of goaltending.
Keep the biscuit out of the basket!

Best Shooter

It's sniper time.
Each participant will get ten shots to hit the top two corners,
bottom two corners & five hole.
Knock'em down in the fewest shots & win the prize!

Team Skills

There's no "I" in Team.
Grab the best 3 people and enter your team.
It's got it all: skating, stick handling & passing,
all in a mad dash against the clock.
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