Team USA Seminars

Coaches Seminar - 2 hrs

Team USA Clinics offers education and training programs to help coaches better understand the game of roller hockey so they may be better able to empower young people to play better hockey.

Topics include:

  • roller hockey background and education: tournaments, organizations & sponsorship opportunities ,equipment issues
  • organizing practice: practice outlines complete with a practice menu of drills
  • finding roles for players: offensive systems / defensive systems / specialty systems
  • questions & answers

Referee Seminar - 2 hrs

Team USA offers education and training programs to help certify referees in order to allow for better quality & control of games and tournaments.

Topics include:

  • Pre-Game Preparations
  • General Guidelines: Role Playing
  • Do's & Don'ts of Refereeing
  • Becoming a Better Official
  • Referee Systems (1 person, 2 person, 3 person)
  • Calling Penalties
  • On the Floor Demo Work
  • Questions & Answers

"Everything" Seminar - 2 hrs

Our "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Roller Hockey But Were Afraid To Ask" Seminar is an interactive program for players, parents coaches, & rink owners.This seminar will save you money!

Topics include:

  • Equipment needs / protection benefits
  • How to fit equipment / where to buy
  • Wheels, choosing the right wheel / maintenance
  • Bearings, the real deal on ABEC ratings, cleaning
  • Frames, skates, sticks, the pro's & con's
  • How to save money on your next purchase

Other Services Available

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Facility & Program Development, Turn-Key Programs
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