Team USA General Clinics

Our programs are targeted at building "the complete player." Our clinics range from 3 hrs to 5 hrs and are age specific and cater to participants skill levels. We limit our group to insure a personal one-on-one experience with our instructors. Our program is all encompassing, focusing on three components: Body, Mind & Spirit.

Body: Physical aspects: Learning and mastering the basic skills of roller hockey: skating, stick handling, shooting, & passing. Each section is broken down as follows:

  • form/technique: understanding & mastering the skills & mechanics of the game
  • intensive drilling: developing & mastering these skills through practice & repetition
  • games: everyday games that make learning roller hockey fun

Mind: Mental training: Learning how to use your mind to play smarter & visualize for success

Spirit: Internal components: Learning the importance of attitude, effort, desire & establishing a positive work ethic.

One-on-One Personal Consultations

In addition, there will be individual sessions with instructors to provide the players with the following:

  • set player's goals and lay out a plan for reaching them
  • learn the importance of scheduling, making practice a priority and a part of each day
  • create a self-analysis to look at current skill levels, in order to recognize strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve upon them
  • equipment issues, providing education on choosing the right equipment
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