Program Philosophy

Peter J. Dale's Team USA Clinics " takes a kids first approach to learning. We believe in equal participation, regardless of skill level, with continuing emphasis on cooperation not competition.

We strive to develop players physically, socially, and emotionally, while developing self-confidence and providing positive reinforcement.

We are committed to promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle through roller hockey and skating.

Developing the Complete Player

Team USA Clinics" is targeted at building the complete player. This embodies three components: Body (physical) Mind (mental) Spirit (spiritual)

Body: Physical aspects:
Learning and mastering the basic skills of roller hockey:
skating, stick handling, shooting, & passing.

Mind: Mental training:
Learning how to use your mind to play smarter and visualize for success.

Spirit: Internal components:
Learning the importance of attitude, effort, desire, and establishing a positive work ethic.

3 Step Method"

  • form/technique: understanding & mastering the skills & mechanics of the game
    (Learning the proper way to do something, mental/physical programming)
  • intensive drilling: developing & mastering these skills through practice & repetition
    (Turning skills into habit through action and post reinforcement)
  • games: everyday games that make learning roller hockey fun
    (Using your mind to make it fun, keep learning & growing)

New Sports Paradigm

Peter & his staff are re-creating the way we teach and play sports, instilling in kids transferable skills that may be adapted to daily life through:

Setting Player's Goals: laying out a plan for reaching them.

Learning the Importance of Scheduling: making practice a priority and part of each day.

Creating a Self-Analysis: looking at current skill level, in order to recognize strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve upon them.

Teaching Life Skills Through Sports"

Peter and his staff use roller hockey as a tool to teach life skills. Their 3 step method for learning brings into play a deep focus on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects that embody both the complete player and the complete person. Peter and Team USA Clinics" use positive reinforcement to support and encourage good habits, while using constructive reinforcement to improve upon negative habits. They layout rules and expectations for the players and let them know what they are going to be held accountable for. Their use of praise and constructive reinforcement speaks directly to kids, as creative young adults. This is the way sports should be done.

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