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  • Home: Winnipeg, MB
  • Stadium: Winnipeg Arena (11,000)
  • Team synopsis: One of the original franchises, club would epitomize WHA offence. Several Swedish players throughout their history helped change the style of play of the game. Club made the finals five years, winning the Avco World Trophy three times. Merged with the NHL, now the Phoenix Coyotes.

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    Winnipeg Jets '72-'73 Winnipeg Jets '77-'78
    Winnipeg Jets '78-'79
    Norm Beaudin Tommy Bergman Chris Bordeleau Wally Boyer Joe Daly Rick Green bob guindon Anders Hedberg Larry Hornung Bobby Hull veli pekka ketola Curt Larrson Bill Lesuk Barry Long Ab MacDonald Perry Miller Ulf Nilsson Veli Pekka Ketola Heikki Rihiranta Ernie Wakely

    The Jets became the Phoenix Coyotes for the '96-'97 season

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